TOP SEO trends for 2023 you should know

If you want to efficiently position your website’s contents or improve organic traffic, you should consider these Top SEO trends for 2023.

SEO is constantly evolving because Google keeps innovating and improving its algorithm to make it less artificial.

However, these changes inevitably cause organic traffic to fall and rise, which is crucial to attracting customers to your digital platform.

So it’s no longer enough to use SEO correctly, but it’s necessary to be aware of the latest updates to prepare a good optimization strategy.

Are you ready to know the Top SEO trends for 2023? Then be sure to read this entire article.

User experience

Satisfying the user is a decisive factor in SEO strategy. Offering users the content they are looking for, as quickly as possible, has been one of Google’s major goals.

Therefore, Google’s commitment to improving the user experience is maintained for 2023, so the Core Web Vitals factor is fundamental to achieve it. But what does Core Web Vitals imply?

Requirements such as web page loading speed (less than 2.5 seconds), site stability, adaptation of the design (of the websites) to mobile devices and compatibility, are crucial for a correct experience.

“Incorporating page experience into your SEO workflow will not only help to future-proof your website’s performance and rankings ahead of the upcoming algorithm update, but it can also help to improve UX and conversions now,” say Rachel Costello, Technical SEO Consultant.

Long format contents

The current generation is consuming more and more visual content, so short and precise texts are in greater demand and attract more users. 

However, according to the Semrush report, long format content could help improve the SERP (Search engine results page).

In other words, long texts of over 3000 words get three times more traffic and are shared four times more, so it plays an important role in achieving good positioning. 

But be sure to provide users with useful, quality information worth sharing.

And don’t forget to segment your content into sections to provide better visualization of the information.

Videos: an effective SEO strategy

“Videos are everywhere. People want them everywhere. Because they are interesting, entertaining, multidirectional, and available from any device. That’s why this type of content can help you go viral.”

As we said before, today more multimedia content is consumed than content in textual formats.  

In fact, according to a Cisco report, video is expected to outperform all other content forms in terms of consumption.

Therefore, the high consumption of this content type can change the game’s rules in Google search engines. 

In other words, videos could have a better positioning in the next few years than common content.

However, it’s also crucial that multimedia contents are very well optimized and have valuable information.

Voice search

One of the biggest challenges in Top SEO trends in 2023 is voice search technology, either directly from the search engine or smart speakers like Google Home.

According to the Semrush report, the percentage of households owning a smart speaker by 2023 is expected to be 55%.

But how can this trend affect the search query? It’s simple: through long tail keywords because voice search tends to work best with long sentences naturally. Still not convinced? Here’s an example.

Usually, people could perform a voice search in this way: “What are the Top SEO trends for 2023?” But they would write: “Top SEO trends for 2023”. Now, do you notice the difference and importance of long tails keywords in search results?

Moreover, the main advantage of voice search is that it “provides us with information at any moment: while we are on our way, or we can’t type, or we haven’t much free time, or we’re just lazy”.

Local SEO

Local SEO has become increasingly important. 

Pandemic has not only changed our way of life, but also our habits of Internet search, so local SEO has become very important lately.

This trend could affect search result positions to satisfy a large number of users who demand information from services at the local level.

Web stories: short videos

It’s no secret that today’s stories have become very popular due to their common use in social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

That’s why Google is betting on the visibility of this content type in the search engine through Google Web Stories.

Is Google Web Stories decisive in an SEO strategy?

Through this tool, Google wants to compete with social media such as Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok.

The advantage and innovation that Google Web Stories offer you is the ability to attract more organic traffic to your website.

With this new feature, Google allows you to appear on sites like Google News and Google discovers, which can be decisive for good positioning of any content.

EAT factor

For Google the quality of any content is fundamental, so content that complies with the EAT factor (expertise, authority and trust) will have a higher position.

“Google doesn’t like poorly written text”  (…) So “the better content you create, the more people notice you and come again to enjoy your writing”.

These factors help determine if a website has useful quality content. This is why it’s essential to back up the information on websites with reliable data and very reputable links.

Proper SEO tools can help you get the information you need to create a smart SEO strategy, so don’t forget to consider these Top SEO 2023 trends to position your website.

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