Top 15 most profitable digital businesses in Canada for 2023

Are you in Canada and looking to start a profitable business idea through digital platforms for the next 2023?

If your answer is so, then be sure to read this entire article.

Canada is not only considered one of the most prosperous countries, but it’s also one of the best places to do business today. It’s a country that offers many opportunities for both Canadians and foreigners to do business.

Not to mention that technology and education are highly valued in the Canadian market, so it’s an aspect that should be taken into consideration when defining your business idea.

Moreover, with technology’s rise, there are more and more tools at our disposal that offer us the opportunity to start a business, which makes the process faster.

According to Skill Up, about 63% of young adults are interested in establishing their business for the first time, so more people are inclined to become their own boss.

However, taking the next step as a self-employee is something you should evaluate very well if you want to be successful.

Why start a business in 2023?

The last two years were a real challenge for all of us. But on the other hand, technology was our best ally, especially during quarantine.

Businesses across Canada were put to the test as a result of the pandemic. Therefore, some businesses have known how to take advantage of technology; switching to digital mode, to continue operating despite circumstances.

Besides, the rise of social media as a business model has allowed many companies to continue to operate efficiently through the online mode.

But additionally, it has allowed other people to start their businesses precisely through digital platforms. Therefore, there are no excuses for NOT starting that project you have wanted to undertake a lot.

Today, technology provides us with many tools and options to carry out our ideas, especially in this post-pandemic times.

So what better way to start next 2023 with a business idea that will provide you with well-being and life quality.

If you are in Canada and want to start a new business and enjoy your new venture this 2021, you are in the right place.

At Cat Marketing, we have listed 15 of the most Profitable Digital Businesses in Canada for 2023.

15 profitable business ideas in Canada through digital platforms

First of all, many of these business ideas you will see below involve the digital model, so it’s a key factor when defining your ideal business plan.

Second, make sure you choose an option that you are not only passionate about but also an area where you have enough knowledge.

So if you’re ready to get started, consider some of these great ideas we have for you today:

1. Digital Marketing

Current circumstances as a result of the pandemic have increased the digital platforms’ usefulness. Even social media has revolutionized the way of doing marketing.

So if you are an expert in projecting sales of products and services through the various tools provided by digital marketing, this is your profitable business.

Besides, due to the rise of technology, people are likely to be interested in applying for your service. Not to mention that digital marketing is a crucial factor in Canadian business.

2. Translation Services

Despite translation services saw a decline the previous year, IBISWorld “projects an improvement of the industry for 2021.”

If you are a multilingual speaker you should know there is a market you can satisfy through your linguistic skills, whether translating content, documents, or writing information for websites, among others.

3. UX/UI Design

The user loses patience when an application or website takes a long time to load or is not intuitive. They abandon the navigation process and do not complete the shopping process.

UX/UI design optimizes navigation on websites and mobile apps to make it fast and efficient, thus improving traffic and interaction results, with a direct impact on conversions.

As companies invest in digital transformation, UX/UI designers are in demand, as they ensure that the investment is both effective and profitable.

4. Real Estate Agent

Canada is a tourist country, therefore, the demand for real estate; especially in the summer season, is very high.

If you already have experience in this area and want to attract more potential customers, you could make yourself known through social networks such as Instagram and turn your profile into a kind of office for selling your services.

5. App Developer

If you are an expert in technological tools, you can offer your services and knowledge as an app developer.

Nowadays, smartphones have become an everyday accessory for a large part of Canada’s population; especially for young people.

Besides, the demand for mobile application development has increased with the technology’s rise.

6. Data Analysis

There is no doubt that you’ve heard about how imperative data is to business operations and profits.

However, raw data offers no utility unless it has been analyzed by someone with the necessary expertise.

Due to this, the demand for data analysts is increasing every year, but there aren’t enough qualified professionals available to fill them.

7. Bakery

A bakery business is an extremely profitable idea. You can run this business even from the comfort of your home.

You also have the opportunity to market your products through different digital platforms to get customers on your list.

Remember you must have the indispensable products and materials to start. However, the most important thing is creativity and quality service.

8. Photography and Video Service

The audiovisual promotion of products, services, and events such as the opening of branches or other business activities, is a highly demanded market in Canada.

Therefore, if you have experience in this area and a lot of creativity, you can start promoting your photo and video service.

Remember this type of work requires that you have the indispensable equipment for both photography and video recording and editing.

9. Online Bookkeeping

Technology allows many of the accounting services to be performed online.
So if you know this area; either because you are an accountant or bookkeeper, and you want autonomy, you can help companies or individuals in this area.

10. Online Teaching

As we said before, technology and education are highly valued in Canada. So why not start a business idea focused on this area.

Besides, this option is in great demand in the country, especially when it’s projected with excellent results.

Therefore, if you have academic knowledge about topics such as education, or any subject that could generate interest to a specific audience, you can share your knowledge through virtual courses.

In this area, you can offer content for all types of audiences. We guarantee that the results are positive and profitable.

11. Beauty for Ladies and Gentleman

If you have skills with scissors, the perfect business for you is offering hairdressing services to ladies and gentlemen, even you can offer it from the comfort of your home.

12. Cleaning Service

According to Business News Daily “most cleaning services charge around 25 and 50 dollars per hour.” Therefore, cleaning is a profitable business idea because it’s a market in high demand currently due to covid-19, especially in Canada.

So if you have the cleaning materials and a team that can support you with this excellent idea, why not try this area? Because all you need is dedication, planning, and digital marketing.

13. Nutrition

If you have certified knowledge about healthy eating and nutrition, you can start an online consultancy to provide advice to others on this matter through a specialized service for each person (age, gender, quality of life).

Moreover, one of the topics with greater demands is the nutritional recommendations to have good health.

But remember it’s very important you have the required knowledge and the projection of your service for good results.

14. Homemade Items

If you want to enjoy a business from the comfort of your home without investing so much money, we bring you the perfect option for you: handmade products.
Here you can put your imagination to work, especially if you are very good at crafts.

From accessories and clothing to surgical masks and cleaning products, you have at your disposal many options to try.

Don’t forget technology is your best ally if you want your potential customers to know your work.

You can even try DIY products or items as a way to contribute to the environment. Moreover, in Canada, ecological culture is highly valued.

Therefore, sustainable products are a good form of profitable business in Canada.

15. Home Care Service

According to Business News Daily, the world’s population of older adults is expected to increase tenfold by 2050, so many will need care and assistance often in their own homes.

Canada, as in many countries, demands special attention for this population. So if you have experience in care and hospitality you can be of great help to the elderly. 

What factors should I consider before starting a business in Canada?

Starting your own business is a courageous decision but it also deserves a thorough evaluation and planning to ensure long-term success.

First of all, you must choose a business idea that you are passionate about. However, you must also demonstrate the skills and experience necessary to carry it out.

Second, make sure your business idea is profitable. If you are in Canada you can go back to the list above and see which option works for you.

Third, many entrepreneurship ideas involve technological tools, either social networks or websites to add an online presence to your business, so digital marketing is indispensable.

Having a business idea is simple but the process of making it a reality requires good planning. 

It’s estimated that 80% of companies fail in the first five years, so it’s important to answer  the following questions before starting any business idea:

  • What is my business idea?
  • Do I have the necessary skills and knowledge to carry it out?
  • Is my business idea capable of solving a problem or meeting a demand?
  • Who is my ideal customer?
  • Do I have the necessary resources? 
  • Do I need partners or financing to start the business?

We hope with this series of questions you will be able to create your profitable business idea for 2023 through digital platforms.

But if you have already identified some of the 15 previous options, don’t wait to take the next step and let us know about your project.

At Cat Marketing we have a passionate team willing to turn your ideas into reality and revolutionize your business through different digital platforms such as social media  and websites.


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